Sunflower Decor - Bedding sets

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Dear Sir/madam:

Earlier this evening I had attempted to order a bedding set and a matching pillow in the sunflower decor. I entered my payment method which was a debit bankcard with the VISA logo. The order never seemed to be procesing so I cancelled that particular order and reordered the comforter set only minus the pillow. This order went right through and gave me a confirmation number, as the earlier order did not go through or give me a confirmation number, so I assumed it never went through. However when I checked the order history and approximately when the item I wanted would be delivered, I noticed that I was stil being charged for the first item I had attempted to purchase, even though I pushed the cancellation button several times and spoke with customer service because I did not want to be charged for the first order, only the 2nd. The Customer service lady informed me that even though it had only been less than 10 minutes she could not guarantee that the account would not get charged 2 times. Considering that I never even received a confirmation number on the first order and within the time period, my account should have never been charged for this order. I have contacted my Bank and they informed me that the quickest way would be to deal with your company first and if I don't get anywhere within the next couple of days with you, then they would get involved. Therefore, I would appreciate the monies being returned to my account within 24-48 hours.

Thank you for your courtesy and anticipated cooperation in this matter, as I hope it does not have to go any further.

Denine L. David (P.S. - Sorry I went over your recommended 100 words)

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